24 Hour Flood



  • Act Quickly

  • Extract Water

  • Clean and Disinfect

  • Dry, Dry, Dry

Act Quickly

It is important to act quickly when your home has water damage regardless of whether it is due to a rainstorm, flood or burst pipes, you MUST do some water damage repair.

Extract Water

You must remove any water left inside you home and or basement with a truck mounted water extraction system. A shop vac just is not powerful enough to pull the amount of water out that is needed.

Clean and Disinfect

Second the area must be cleaned and disinfected whether or not is on carpeted area, concrete and or wood sub floor.

Dry, Dry, Dry

Lastly you must dry the area correctly with dehumidifiers and professional air movers.

Remember the faster you act in a flood emergency the less likely you will have severe damage such as mold and drywall swelling.

Steamrite is a reputable company for water damage and will insure immediate response to your emergency and the restoration process will take place in a timely and professional manner. Remember Steamrite is a member of TOM MARTINO’s exclusive referral list.