Carpet And Upholstery Cleaning

With Steamrite’s Carpet and Upholstery cleaning you will get:
  • Certified Technician
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment
  • Superior Cleaning Techniques
  • Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector


As a family owned business we know the significant investment you’ve made into the house or apartment where you live. One of the best ways to keep it looking as good as the day you bought it is to use professional cleaning services for your floors. At Steamrite, our residential cleaning services redefine what it means to be clean. We provide home cleaning services that outperform and outlast anything you could do on your own. That’s because we use state-of-the-art equipment and enviornmentally friendly cleaning solutions to achieve superior results. It’s no surprise, considering we’ve been we have been using these products in our own home for 20 years.


As a small, family owned business, we at Steamrite understand the importance of making a good first impression. Just like you dress the part for business, your work environment should also have the same polished and professional look. When a client visits your place of business, they should immediately notice how well you care for your office or retail space and know that you will care for them in the same way. Our experienced carpet professionals will assess your specific business needs and develop a program that will help you protect your carpet investment for the long-term. We offer everything from carpet and upholstery cleaning to tile & grout cleaning, odor removal and more.

Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Happy kids with their pets - a dog and a kittenWhat you need to know about pet urine:

When an animal urinates on the carpet, it is in an acid state according to PH level. Then when the urine dries, it changes to an alkaline in PH level. During the drying process, the change in PH level can permanently damage the carpet appearance. This is the reason why carpet manufactures have a void in their warranties against pet urine.


Air Duct Cleaning Service Details

airDuctSteamrite Air Duct Cleaning includes:

At Steamrite we use the latest most powerful truck-mounted technology by certified technicians. This technology features a powerful vacuum and brush cleaning system that  removes aggravating allergies: mold, pollen, dust and smoke. Our air duct cleaning includes a full cleaning of air ducts, furnace, HVAC systems, furnace flues, and/or coils and dryer vents.


24 Hour Flood Damage

floodAct Fast, Extract, Clean, Disinfect and Dry

When disaster strikes, call Steamrite. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We know that water damage can throw your entire life off-balance, however the first few hours are essential. The sooner you start the restoration process the better. Waiting can increase the risk of lasting damage to structures, as well as the risk of mold growth.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Kitchen with dark wood cabinetryTile and Grout Need More Than Household Cleaners

Normal cleaning of your floors leaves dirty detergent and residue in the grout line.Our extraction cleaning system incorporates heat, highest quality of cleaning agents, vacuum and high pressure rinse that removes the dirt that you as a  homeowner CAN’T!!!